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What are you reading?
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Essentially, I am absolutely not interested in the choices of the book club at my local library. they're all awful sounding non-fiction books on political theory or whatever, and I get absolutely no enjoyment out of that. I do, however, love a good young adult fantasy novel.This is a group that can talk about a wide variety of genres, not just whatever high-brow literature usually found in official book groups.

Additionally, we're really interested in recommendations. For example, if someone says, "Hey, you should check out X, it's really good. It's about blah blah blah," then you can ask what makes it recommended, and you have a new potential book for your list. Alternatively, if someone says, "I've recently started getting into whatever genre, and I've been reading a certain book in said genre," then someone else could jump in, such as "If you like that book, then you might also like X."

We're also looking for real discourse. We're not your standard online forum where people say stuff like "OMG that book sux its so lame and u r dum for likin it" or "This book is the best EVAR!!!1!!! dont be a hater!!" We are intelligent adults. Comments should be along the lines of "I don't like X books because of problems with point of view, tense, etc. For example, one certin part stands out as particularly sub-par." Even something along the lines of "I don't like X because I'm not really into that genre" would suffice. From there, people can agree or disagree, and we can have mature conversation.

Finally, since the classics are best read if you come to them by yourself and not because someone assigns them, the reading of literature will be encouraged but not mandated. So if someone wants to read something like, say, Atlas Shrugged, we can respond like "Uegh Ayn Rand's pretty rough but props to you for giving it a try." We want to know what people are reading, whether it's classic literature, teen romance, graphic novels, or whatever.

To keep things on topic and book group-ish, we will, probably once a month or so, choose a book to be read by the entire group. The choice would not just be "I want to read X, so X is the book this month." Instead various members can propose books that they are interested in, and after reviewing brief summaries of the plots of said books, the group would choose one of the proposals. These choices would of course be optional books, supplemental to the members' individual reading.

While the group was first created with English majors in mind, mainly because they have extensive experience and expertise in writing techniques and literary analysis, the group is open to any who wishes to join, provided that they can maintain an intelligent, if casual, approach to discussion. Members inviting others to join in the discourse is highly encouraged. A love of books should always be shared.